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Help us Raise Funds for a New Set of Wheels!

Our van has decided to only drive backwards! Simply put, we need a new vehicle. Something that can take a beating and drive for days. We have a lead on a suitable set of wheels, but it's expensive (what isn't?). And banks don't like farms.

So we're reaching out to you. The good folks in our community. Those who frequent our markets. And anyone who loves really yummy and locally grown fruit & veg.

We have a range of perks from super cute stickers, t-shirts and totes to a season's worth of awesome produce! Check them out, there's sure to be something that strikes your fancy!

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Events You’ll Love

At Rogue Farms, we aren’t a regular Farm. We're a cool farm. Not only do we offer incredible products and produce to our visitors, but we also host awesome events everyone will love. No matter how old you are, we’ve got something for everyone, including Farmer's Markets and Workshops. Check out our events calendar and stop by to have a great time!

Farmer's Market


We love to get out to Farmer's Markets to share our passion with our local community.

We have 1 weekly market this summer. Stop by to stock up on locally grown goodies!

Leslieville Farmers' Market


Greenwood Park


Sundays May 12 until the end of October



Farm 1

We love, love, love running workshops! We cover everything from container gardening and preserving your produce to bouquet and wreath making!


We have recently had an addition to our family and the little one is keeping us quite busy. While we adjust to this new dynamic, we will be pausing our workshops.


If interested, feel free to message us, you'll be the first to know when they're up and running again.

Interested in a private workshop? We offer those too! Check out the workshop page in our shop for pricing and details.


Ready to lace up your boots and get a little dirty? Folks are always welcome at the farm, especially if looking to lend a hand! 

However, to ensure that we don't have too many volunteers at once (who knew that was even possible), we request that you schedule your volunteer visit with us. 

Not only does this ensure that we aren't all bumping into each other, but we will also do our best to match you up with a task that interests you. 

This is a great option for those seeking a chance to get their hands dirty, but can't commit to a whole garden. It's also a wonderful experience for students and young folks in Guides, Scouts, etc..

Volunteer Days

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