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Down the Rabbit Hole

Easter here at Rogue Farms is pretty heavy with tradition. The in-laws are Danish and for them Easter means a multi-course luncheon for 16 + people. We serve fish prepared 3 ways. On toast. Things are eaten in a very particular order and there is lots of drinking. Specifically of a wicked schnapps called Akavit. It is terrible and strong and it is not unusual for a sing-along to break out when it is served.

Photo by Lynda Balslev for NPR

This is not a post about all of that. This is a post about carrots. With gathering restrictions in place, Easter will be different this year. A bit more like the meals I had growing up. Celebrating all the beautiful fresh produce that is starting to appear in shops. Almost always there is ham. And carrots.

How did carrots become an Easter flavour? I mean I kind of get it. There's the Easter bunny. He probably likes carrots. But then he's kind of weird too, bringing children chocolate eggs... Anyways, while I was planning the menu for our scaled down celebration, I wanted a new carrot recipe. Carrot cake seems to be the go-to, but I am not a fan of the cloying sweetness of the frosting that usually accompanies it. So down the rabbit hole I went! I have been experimenting with carrots for weeks. And I think I have settled on some favourites that I might try to slip into those uber traditional Danish meals in the future.

Here are my top picks:

What is your favourite Easter recipe? Are you trying something new this year? Share them with us below or on Instagram and Facebook!

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