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What the heck is landsharing?

Land-sharers open up their space to our team so we can convert it into a beautiful and productive garden. We can grow produce or flowers, your call.

In return, land-sharers receive a portion of the harvest or beautiful flowers that we have grown on all of our “farms” throughout the city.


No Yard? No Problem!

We grow in all kinds of spaces. Anything from rooftops, balconies and even driveways! As long as there is good light and access to water, we can grow there. We'll even harvest your fruit trees, bushes and vines if you don't have the time or tools to do it yourself.


Why It Matters

Landsharing is at the heart of our urban farm program – and supplies us with the land on which we plant and grow most of our produce and flowers. But, being a land-sharer is more than just providing access to fertile land. It has a number of other important facets:


• It means making a commitment to you and your family’s health by adding fresh, healthy veggies and beautiful flowers to your life.

• It means a commitment to your community by making it a stronger and more vibrant place to live.

• It means committing to the environment by growing sustainably & reducing the distance food has to travel from field to plate.

• Most importantly, it means making a commitment to fresh, affordable produce and rediscovering the flavour of freshly picked veggies.

Sign Me Up!

If you are interested in sharing your space with us, we'd love to hear from you!

Our first step is usually a site evaluation. We'll visit the space to check out its unique conditions and see how to best use it.


From there we will work with you to develop a game plan. How involved would you like to be? Would you like to spend time tending the space? Would you like to work with us to learn how to grow your own crops? Or would you prefer to be completely hands-off and just enjoy your share of the crops? 

Sound good? Shoot us an email to get started!

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